perjantaina, joulukuuta 14, 2007

Introduction to Pikkujoulu

It has been slightly surprising for me to notice that the Pikkujoulu tradition is not known outside Finland. I am not going to give a long introduction, but I'll provide you with a few pikkujoulu related links to some recent articles in Finnish media:

And some picks from the yellow media:

Despite of all this, most pikkujoulus I have experienced have been extremely nice events with a lot of nice people, glögi and thin gingerbread cookies. Glögi is a less sophisticated version of the German Glühwein, made of a spiced mixture of juice and vodka instead of red wine, served hot with flaked almonds and raisins.

For making glögi you need grape juice, cinnamon sticks, cardamon, cloves and ginger. The juice should be heated up, the spices added and the whole thing be boiled until the taste is ok. Vodka, almonds and raisins are added according to taste. To be enjoyed in a good company only.

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